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After failing to provide regular water despite huge investments in watershed programs, the government is now encouraging community management of water delivery systems. 'Land to the tiller' plus 'water to the tiller' can help build prosperous villages. In Maharashtra state, where several Water Users Associations (WUAs) are operating successfully, this practice is showing significant results.

"Waghad Prakalpa Stariya Pani Wapar Sanshta, Modhadi (Waghad Project Water User Federation) registered under Maharashtra Irrigation Management by Farmer Act 2005 on 9th September 2008. Under this act federation execution divided into 3 sections. These sections Head, Middle and Tale lead by 2 male directors and a female director. 9 Directors in total elected unopposed on 4th October 2008. On 15th October 2008 I was elected as president for 2 years. There is provision in our constitution to elect female and male president alternately after every two years. So no one will be sole owner or decision maker of the organization."

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