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Waghad Pani Wapar Sanstha proudly implemented the direct involvement of the end user water users (farmers) with irrigation management from last 18 years.

Late Bapusaheb Updhye initiated this concept in Ojhar (Nasik) with his colleagues Mr. Bharat Kawale, Mr. Rajabhau Kulkarni and Officers of the Irrigation Department.

This revolutionary movement resulted in 6750 hectors under irrigation. 24 water user’s organizations established and joined to Waghad. Instead of Irrigation as per land waghad implemented irrigation as per water availability. Waghad also insists users to involve them in to the mission, force then to save water and utilize water effectively.

Waghad Project’s President and Secretary Mr. Bapusaheb Upadhye used to schedule the irrigation activities for the year on every 15th October. Mr. Bharat Kawale and Mr. Shahaji Somwanshi followed this system till date. Government Officers willingly and actively contributed for the same.

This experience turned in to a goal to own the dam by the farmers through federation of the water users organization. Even government found this system working very efficiently. 100% revenue collection achieved by these organizations. This might be the only project able to achieve 100% recovery.

The project report submitted to government via Executive Engineer Palkhed Division for sole distribution of water management for irrigation by the federation. On 1st November 2003 project has been handover to the federation in presence of Mr. Balasaheb Thorat (Minister for Irrigation Department). This was the golden moment in the history of Water Users Organizations.

Federation found 67% water losses due to percolation, misuse and other factors. We are planning to reduce these losses and once we achieve reduction in losses we can offer full year irrigation plan. Funds are generated by shares and contribution from members. These funds are used for canal maintenance.

Palkhed Irrigation Department bestowed by National Productivity Award from Government of India for Waghad Project. Delegations from England, France, Africa etc. visited our project and appreciated our efforts. As this is become a model project in India, people from all the country come here to study the pattern. Many NGOs, Government Officers arranges study tour at this project.


  • Commissioning of Project
  • Formation of WUAs (Pilot Status)
: 1980-81
: 1991
Sr. No. Year Established WUAs Nos. WUAs Percentage
1 1991 3 1151 12
2 1993 4 1574 20
3 1995 9 3884 39
4 1997 15 7167 81
5 2001 17 7774 86
6 2002 19 8305 94
7 2004 24 9642 100
  • Formation of Federation of WUAs (PLA) : 2003
  • Irrigation Management Transfer to PLA : 2005
  • WUAs are Reconstituted as per MMISF Act : 2006


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